Wednesday, February 8, 2012

3 Months After Surgery

Wow, so far I am about 70% happy w/ my decision.  The unhappy 30% has to do with the soreness, tightness, painful (2-3 times a week/when wearing narrow shoes/when it rains/when it is cold), and of course the scars which continue to improve; however, very slowly.  This has definitely been way more extensive than what I anticipated.  I thought that by month three I would be feeling pretty normal and the scars would be almost transparent but oh boy, was I wrong.  Improvement is definitely evident week after week but not as fast as I'll like to. My 3 toe is my biggest concern because of the folding skin.  I saw the doctor 2 weeks ago and he assured me the skin will reabsorb since it has nowhere  else to go.  However, I remember reading a post on Dr. Silverberg's blog( is stating that extra skin doesn't reabsorb.  He said, extra skin remains extra skin.  However, he did mention that there is a small exemption if hammertoe and corn removal where both performed on the same toe.  I really hope this is my case!  My toes are definitely shorter and I found out I am a size 8 and 8 1/2 (I always wore 7 1/2, what was I thinking), however, I've gone to buy shoes and 8 1/2's are way to big and most 8's causes my foot to slip right out of the shoe.  I'm so confused, has this happened to anyone?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 1st , 2011/28 Days after surgery

Wow, 28 days later! I can finally do most things on my own.  I can now shower standing on both feet.  I can also walk in flip flops and barefoot around the home. There is still swelling and bruising around the toes but I can walk so much better and a bit faster.  Now I can actually wear the sneaker with the sole.  Much improvement compared to 4 weeks ago. Most of the scabs are gone but the incisions are still very tender.  I can wiggle my toes a bit and swing them back and forth.  Toe#2 bends just a bit at the very tip but the others do not bend at all (I hope this is temporary).   There is still some discomfort and an increase in swelling from time to time and thats when I must R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) and all is well again.  The toes continue to shorten.

I am so happy to have opt out of getting both feet done at the same time.

November 24th, 2011/3 Weeks after surgery/Follow-up App

Happy ThanksGiving!

I went back to work this week and yesterday I saw the doctor.  He instructed to be to get back in a running sneaker.  He suggested New Balance 623($64.99).  However, the closest Modell's only had them in white so I had to opt out for a no name brand called Avia ($39.99) in black. I got them a 1/2 bigger then my regular size (8 1/2) n wide.  It did not fit comfortably on my right foot so I ripped the sole out and they fit like a glove.  I got this idea from another blogger: and it worked like a charm.  I was still walking very carefully.

BTW, scabs began to shed.

November 19th, 2011/16 Days after surgery

Today I got to wet my toes.  Yayy! I put a small bench inside the tub, sat, and took a shower.  Foot is still extremely swollen and I am horrified at the site of the incisions.  They look like they are re-opening. I just sprinkled some water over the toes with dilute soap, pat dried with a towel (for that foot only), elevated, and let it air dry.  Once air dried, I put coca butter and ace bandage.

November 16th, 2011/13 Days after surgery/Stitches Gone

Today my stitches were removed.  I was happy at the site of my new foot.  My fears started to disappear.  I began to feel happy again with my decision. The 5th toe is back in place and in coordination with the other toes (what a breather). 

Removal of stitches does hurt a little.  However, it only takes about 5 minutes.  Toe# 3 hurt the most (where the corn was removed).  The worse part was when the Doc took out an electric nail drill, Yes, like the ones used at the nail salon for acrylic nails.  He filed over the incisions.  HOLY GUACAMOLE, I wanted to kill him.  I was like WHAT in the world do you think you are DOINGGGGG but thank God it was quick and painless.  Wow, I was petrified!

Doc instructed me to keep the foot dry until 11/19 and to start using cocoa butter at least 2x a day to soften the skin.

By this time I was able to walk for longer periods of time but I does become exhausting.  However, I elevate any chance I get no matter where I am.  This is definitely necessary throughout the day. 

November 10th, 2011/7 Days after surgery

Today I feel much better then yesterday and the symptoms are completely gone.  However, I was still concerned and reached out to Dr. Silverberg via his blog for a second opinion (he also reassured me that my symptoms are normal):

I felt a bit better!